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 Milton and Willow Plotline

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Milton Mamet


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PostSubject: Milton and Willow Plotline   Sat Apr 20, 2013 12:43 am

Heres their plotline at the moment Very Happy

1) Willow and Andrea want to leave Woodbury due to The Governor being a bimtard :O
But Milton refuses to join them because he is too afraid Sad

2) The Governor and his goons put pressure on Milton and rough him up to get him to tell them where Willow and Andrea are going and he does Sad

3) Willow and Andrea are captured and taken to The Governor's torture room! :O

4) Milton defies The Governor and rescues his lover and Andrea from the torture room! And there is much rejoicing :3

5) Milton and Willow leave Woodbury again with Andrea, trying to reach the prison and Rick's group Very Happy

6) They manage to make it to Rick's group but The Governor is not best pleased and the tensions between Woodbury and the Prison escalate ^^

7) Milton tells Willow that he was pressured to give her up and their relationship becomes muy muy unstable! D:

Cool As Milton and Willow adjust to life in the prison they try to reconnect to each other due to their strong luffles for each other :3
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Milton and Willow Plotline
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