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 The price is right (Kyoya and Kyoka)

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Kyoya Ootori

Kyoya Ootori

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PostSubject: The price is right (Kyoya and Kyoka)   Sat Apr 27, 2013 7:15 am

Kyoya walked around the Host Club and watched while the other boys worked as Hosts. He carefully jotted down how many cakes Hunni was having and how many pots of tea needed to be made for each table. It was how he worked out the budget from the day to day, even though the club did get enough money that they could actually not do any budgetting at all and still be in the black.

As he wandered around the club, his domain, he noticed that there was a small group of girls trying to crowd in around Kyoka before she had even set up her stall. Once it was set up then the crowding would be a good thing but right now it was just impeeding the progress that could otherwise be accomplished.

He quickly made them disperse by telling them that Mori had some free time slots that they could fill if they were quick. They all rushed off after he told them that and left him to just shake his head a little bit and watch them go. Once they were gone be smiled a little bit at Kyoka and started to help her set the stall itself up,

"Do you require assistance?" he asked with a little smirk, "I see tha the customers are already flocking to you, you must tell me your secret."

As the stall began to come together in itself, he began to help her unloading the merchandise, "Do you want a sales assistant by any chance?"
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The price is right (Kyoya and Kyoka)
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