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 New Plot Idea? :3

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Layla Dogarty

Layla Dogarty

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New Plot Idea? :3 Empty
PostSubject: New Plot Idea? :3   New Plot Idea? :3 Icon_minitimeThu Jul 25, 2013 2:43 am

Basically, tigers tigery mind was wandering and she came to think of all the different ways we could do more Mummy plots, because I was trying to think of something original. Everything I've read seems to have something to do with someone being reincarnated, and that's great and all to an extent but Razz

You can never have too many plots to do right? Very Happy

Besides I know how muffin loves to hear the tigery ideas, right? And they are even in a cute thread form :#3


We could have the overall plot of the Mummy Trilogy brought forwards into modern times, it could make a great change as to how this all goes about happening, what with modern archaeological techniques Very Happy

Could Imhotep still break through walls of panic rooms to reach the trapped and terrified American posers within them? Razz


We could combine the first idea with the setting after the third Mummy Film, when Alex is in University studying Archaeology, perfect opportunity to introduce a new tigery character as his friend! Nes pa? ;D


I was thinking that he could have totally ripped off Harry Potter and one of his possessions, maybe a gold bracelet or his amulet that he wears, could hold a piece of his soul. In order for him to be brought back by some poor unsuspecting person on the interwebs who read the incantation Razz

Or you know something like that Razz


He could go down path number one Razz

And continue to want to destroy the world, and he could go off and do that, and Alex and his new friends from University could try and stop him from killing loads of peeps. Lets face is Brendan Fraiser and Evie are too old to do that at this point Razz


He could want to destroy the world, be going to use his powers to kill peeps, but then he finds out he has none! He is mortal! :O

Imhotep has to blend in with the modern world, which is more the comedic approach really, could you imagine him trying to do a Google Search or use an iPad? I can't. Razz

It allows for cuteness and also allows for angst on his part because he's all floopy and mortal Razz


If you don't like any of those ideas, well brace yourself for a third! Very Happy

Perhaps the Egyptian Gods are angry, as you would be, because people have gone on to worship others, this one God. They have had enough of people not believing in them and they decide to get a little bit wrathful, maybe they use the very Christian religion that had taken over to bring new faith? Very Happy

So Imhotep is supposed to bring the Plagues of Egypt? Maybe he is brought back as a good guy by the Gods, sent to police the plagues they set upon the Earth and save the good souls that he comes across? Very Happy

Very interesting, Imhotep as a good guy! :O

FIN :3

So I hope you have enjoyed the ideas for plots :3
The rest of this thread is for kitty to brainstorm her new characters she would need Very Happy

Feel free to read if you desire ;D
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Layla Dogarty

Layla Dogarty

Posts : 23
Join date : 2013-07-22

New Plot Idea? :3 Empty
PostSubject: Re: New Plot Idea? :3   New Plot Idea? :3 Icon_minitimeThu Jul 25, 2013 3:12 am

New Plot Idea? :3 Get-to-know-chloe-grace-moretz-01

India Louise Winchester :3

Studying at Cambridge University - Computing and Graphic Design? (for hacking)
- Media and Film-making? (to be a film nerd about the Mummy)
- Psychology? (to be able to shrinkwrap Imhotep)


Father = Sebastian Dean Winchester = Stock broker
Mother = Beatrix Patricia Winchester = Lawyer

Only child :3
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New Plot Idea? :3
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