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 Rick and Raven - Plot

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Rick Grimes


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PostSubject: Rick and Raven - Plot   Fri Mar 22, 2013 10:52 pm

Rick and Raven plot points! :3

1) Rick and Raven meet (DONE Razz)

2) Raven is introduced to the rest of the group - not all of them like her

3) Conflct arrises about Raven's contact with baby Sophia :O

4) Rick reminds the group of two things;
i) It's a ricktatorship now Razz
ii) It's his freaking baby XD

5) Conflict is resolved to a greater or lesser extent ^^

6) Walkers are let in by the one prisoner who escaped Rick's group :O

7) With Raven and Oscar's help, Rick manages to find the prisoner

Cool Raven is the one to kill said prisoner, saving Rick's life. This earns her more trust in the group and lets her have fun with her chainsaw

9) The group that Carl finds Razz

10) Reactions vary but mainly Rick wants them kinda gone and Raven acts possessive and protective over lil-asskicker :3

11) Maggie and Glenn are captured :O

12) Rescue team is sent out, not including Raven, to go and save their asses Razz

13) Merle comes with them during the rescue attempt, having not such a big role in the interrogation as he did in the TV show (otherwise he wouldn't be allowed in) Very Happy

14) Raven is pissed that Merle is there since he's a "stealer" like Daryl Razz

15) Raven, Michonne and Rick go to attack Woodbury

16) Merle and Daryl split from the group, mainly over Michonne and Raven disliking them intensely Razz

17) Massive truckload of Walkers in taken into the prison and the group fends them off largely due to the help of Raven and "Betty" :3

18) During the fight though, Raven is injured by one of the Governor's men while trying to protect Hershel, who can't run from Walkers. Said man is shot in the head by Rick

19 ) Raven's injury is a shot in the leg so she's less than happy with her own loss of mobility. She's a little annoyed that the guy is dead and "Betty" couldn't nom his throat Razz

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Rick and Raven - Plot
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