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 Twisted Metal

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PostSubject: Twisted Metal    Twisted Metal  Icon_minitimeSun Dec 15, 2013 11:29 am

I am an evil being.

I know this.

I have known this for many years now, ever since I first discovered that I liked fighting, loved killing and ruling over others seemed to be the greatest feeling that a person could experience. All of the evils I perpetrated I did so without the slightest feeling of guilt or remorse.

And throughout my existence I have felt content to be that.

To fit into the role that had me fight against Optimus Prime until, eventually, one of us died. The winner proving that their ideology was superior to that of the fallen.

But then Technick had come into my life and suddenly everything was different! Suddenly he cared about what he looked like, what kind of a bot he was. Not for people in general but for Technick and only Technick.

I care about what Technick thinks about me now and to be honest I'm ever surprised that someone so pure would find me and my cause so worthy of her time. But I think that maybe that is why she gives me her love? Because she knows how different we are to each other?

She is smooth and pure and I am a twisted piece of metal if ever there was one.

But it works for us. The combination of twisted and smooth works and our love goes on day by day. Let it never end, so long as my spark still sparks and my processor still processes.
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Twisted Metal
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