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 Senium Nex Information

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Senium Nex


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PostSubject: Senium Nex Information   Thu Apr 04, 2013 9:28 pm

Name: Senium Nex
Age: 11
Birthday: 14/07
Birthplace: Moscow, Russia
Current Home: Lincoln, England
Blood Status: Pure

Character Appearance:

Hair Style and Colour: Blonde, long and curly.
Eye Colour: Blue
Height: 5 foot 2
Build: Slim, very slim.
Dress Sense: Jeans, hoodies and converse.
Other (Tattoo's etc): A tattoo on the inside of her wrists, on her right it reads 'This body was born out of death' on the left it reads 'All it can do is die.'

Character Information:

Character Likes:

Strawberry chocolate
Making dolls and puppets
Dancing to ballet

Character Dislikes:

Seeing anyone in pain
Being stared at


Dancing to ballet, especially the Nutcracker.
Making puppets with her Grandpapa.
Singing on occassion.


Good at talking to people and helping them feel good about themselves
Is tough, most of the time.
Mostly positive, even in the face of tremense adversity.


Physically very weak.
Only talented in one magical area.


Favourite Lesson: Transfiguration
Least Favourite Lesson: Flying
Would you Want To Take Part In An Apprenticeship?: Yes please!

Preferred House:

Ravenclaw (House of Intellect)

Character Background:

Senium was born in Russia and lived there for many years with her mother and father before the war began to get very bad, deciding that they would attempt to move into England to be with their relatives there, they were mistaked by the English Ministry as Germans trying to invade and her mother and father were killed. So now she lives with her Grandpapa in Lincoln, a countryside area which is good for her health. Senium suffers from the disease called Necrosis, the decay and dying of various bodily tissues, and to cure this she has been learning the art of puppet mastery from her Grandpapa, an obscure and ancient wizard art known only by a few, it is through this art that her life is hoped to be spared by moving her slowly into a puppet's body. Knowing that she will most likely die before this is complete, Senium is using her limited magic, confined only to transfiguration, to create a new pair of legs out of puppetry for her Grandpapa when she dies, so that he may look after himself alone.

Mother: Ingrid Nex (Nee Tabe)
Father: Caius Nex
Siblings: N/A
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: N/A


Wand: 11 inch, birch wood, unicorn hair.
Pet: Snippet, a puffin she shares with Rassilion Everglade.
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Senium Nex Information
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