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 Ariel Plot Information - Spoiler Free

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PostSubject: Ariel Plot Information - Spoiler Free   Thu May 22, 2014 5:05 am

Ariel’s Plot Line:

Season 6:

Episode 1:

• Sam returns to Dean after Hell, and they battle two Djinn. Dean is introduced to the hunters Sam has been with for the past year – including Samuel their grandfather. Samuel kidnaps the two Djinn and takes them to Crowley who is already beginning his torture of Alpha’s in the search for purgatory.
• Ariel at this time would still be with Crowley, not knowing that he is in the search for purgatory in order to become more powerful with the souls that reside there.

Episode 2:

• The Winchesters encounter another Alpha – this time a shape shifter and it is after its children. When one of them is taken by the Winchesters and brought to Samuel for protection the Shifter attacks and gets it back, Samuel is not able to bag it for Crowley and he is disappointed in him.
• Ariel at this time would still be on side with Crowley and perhaps getting suspicious if she heard him talking to Samuel – however vauge. During this episode she would meet Death for the first time, and despite not being overly familial, the strong bond between Horsemen forms properly.

Episode 3:

• The Winchesters investigate a case that involves the plagues of Egypt – they call for help from Castiel but he does not answer them, instead they try calling Ariel and she appears promptly to help them. Figuring out the weapon is the Staff of Moses, she summons Castiel herself to read who took the wielders soul – finding out it is Balthazar, both Castiel and Ariel go to find him.
• At this time Ariel would still be on the side of Crowley.

Episode 4:

• Crowley is summoned by Bobby and asked to give Bobby’s soul back – he refuses and reneges on his deal giving Bobby 10 years to live. In the meantime Bobby is searching for information on Crowley and resurrects his son Gavin in order to get the dirt on him.
• Ariel finds out that Crowley went back on his deal with Bobby and is outraged, therefore she refuses to give him the staff of Moses in case he didn’t fulfil his side of the deal with herself like he hadn’t with Bobby. She leaves Crowley’s side, feeling betrayed and turns to Balthazar for comfort.

Episode 5:

• Dean, Sam and Samuel work a case where young girls are being picked up by real vampires acting like Edward Cullen’s. Sam let’s Dean get bitten by a vampire in order to infiltrate the nest and Ariel accompanies him into the nest for back up – they both manage to kill the entire nest and Samuel then gives Dean the cure which makes him remember it was Sam who let him get bitten.

Episode 6:

• The Winchesters go to a town plagued by deaths, people are all being a little bit too truthful and there have been a rash of suicides as a result. The boys initially think it might be Gabriel’s Horn of Truth but it turns out to be the Goddess of Truth Veritas – Dean finds out then that Sam has been lying to him all along and that he isn’t the same Sammy before he left for Hell.
• Ariel is absent for most of this episode, only being paged in by Dean when he finds out that Sam has completely changed and that something is most definitely wrong. She is working out her feelings about Crowley, and worrying about the absence of Castiel – unable to go to Heaven and see where he is.

Episode 7:

• Castiel responds to Dean’s call about Sam and we find out that he is in fact without a soul. Samuel is going after the Alpha vampire and the boys manage to follow him to where he had been taking them after capturing them. They see that it is Crowley who is in fact calling the shots and torturing the Alpha’s for information, and he has Samuel under his thumb.
• Ariel at this point would not be on the mission but, she would be told by the Winchesters as soon as they returned that Crowley was behind the kidnappings.

Episode 8:

• Crowley forces the Winchesters to go collecting Alpha’s in return for him rescuing Sam’s soul from Hell. When they go on the trail of a Werewolf alpha they stumble across a pack of skin walkers taking the form of family pets.
• Ariel is with Balthazar while the boys are off on this mission, trying to find out from both Heaven and Hell’s perspective whether bringing Sam’s soul back is a) possible, and b) safe. While she is with Balthazar Ariel enquires about the state of Heaven, and where her brother Castiel is. Balthazar can either lie – or tell the truth about Castiel fighting a civil war in Heaven.

Episode 9:

• The brothers think they are encountering a town being plagued by UFO’s however, they soon find out that they are not UFO’s they are in fact faeries. They have to break a deal that the watch maker in town made in order to continue making his wares, which involves sending a Leprechaun back to faerie world.
• Ariel during this time would be trying to speak with Castiel, to find out where he has been and to let him know that she feels abandoned without his presence near to her. He could either accept her call and respond, or ignore her and she instead finds herself on the end of a fatherly chat with Bobby while they try to find some lore about the Alphas and how to hurt them.

Episode 10:

• Meg arrives back into the fold, and Sam makes a deal with her, she would get to kill Crowley if Sam could get his soul back in the process. Samuel refuses to help them find Crowley because his daughter will be resurrected if he plays along. Eventually he returns, changes his mind and gives the Winchesters and Castiel the location of Crowley.
• In the compound, Meg distracts attacking Hell Hounds while the boys continue – until Samuel betrays the Winchesters – banishing Castiel from the building and locking up the two brothers to be fed to Crowley’s pet ghouls. Sam escapes from his cell and kills the two ghouls attacking Dean.
• After killing the demon torturing Meg, they trick Crowley into a Devils Trap, wherein he admits he cannot retrieve Sam’s soul even when Castiel threatens to burn his bones. Castiel then does this killing Crowley.
• Ariel in this episode would have a large role, being present from the beginning with Castiel. When the boys are captured and placed into cells, she would be taken to Crowley to have a little chat in private. She would be sickened to know that Crowley was attempting to release the souls from Purgatory – knowing the Leviathan’s lay behind the barrier. Now knowing the reason for his distant attitude and lack of attention, Ariel has the explanation why their relationship shattered so. Despite there being feelings present, she feels betrayed that he would have done this, and threatened the world she had given her angelic powers to protect.

Episode 11:

• Dean makes a deal with Death, if he can live 24 hours in his life then he will restore Sam’s soul with a method to keep the memories from Hell out.
• Balthazar tells Sam of a ritual that will allow his body to resist his soul, but only if he kills Bobby as part of it. Sam agrees and begins trying to complete the ritual, almost killing Bobby in the process until Sean returns and knocks Sam out.
• Ariel would make a few changes to this episode, for example she would be the one asking Death to make the deal with Dean exploiting family ties, and she would be present at the conversation with Death and Dean later on. Despite him not taking much interest in her (potentially?) Ariel would look up indefinitely to her ‘older brother’.

Episode 12:

• Sammy gets his soul back and wakes up but doesn’t remember anything of what happened when he was soulless.
• Winchester boys travel to a town being plagued by kidnappings of virgins and thefts of large amounts of gold – turns out to be a dragon which can only be killed by a special sword (in a stone) made in dragon blood. While Dean investigates Sam gets Castiel to tell him everything that happened while he was soulless.
• One virgin is left after Sam and Dean save them, and she is used to summon the ‘Mother of All’ – Eve.
• Ariel would be absent for this episode, because Sam and Dean didn’t need any help with this one. She would potentially be on her own, travelling the Earth and installing small amounts of confrontations in order to keep her power supply going – without Castiel by her side, and Crowley, it is Balthazar and Bobby who are keeping her resisting the urge to upscale her projects.

Episode 13:

• Sam and Dean go to a town to investigate the disappearances of local men and Sam finds that he was working the same case almost a year ago – and he didn’t quite finish. A man he left for dead last time he was in town resurfaces to turn Sam and Dean into monsters like him, an Arachne.
• The memories that Sam unearths make him collapse, and the wall that Death puts up is considerably shaken.
• Ariel in this episode would be called in towards the end by Dean and Bobby in order to help with Sam, although she had lost her healing angelic powers, her extensive knowledge would be useful while they figured out what to do.
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Ariel Plot Information - Spoiler Free
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