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 A Different Kind of Undead (Maria and Rick)

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Rick Grimes


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PostSubject: Re: A Different Kind of Undead (Maria and Rick)   Thu Feb 12, 2015 10:28 am

Rick was enjoying this pace because even though it was punishing it was just shy of being painful for himself and he didn't see that she was getting any pain either. It was just enough to be the fastest that he could actually go comfortably without knowing that he would be going too fast for himself to keep it up.

Bit strange but hardly his fucking interest right now.

She was panting more and more and he loved every second of it. As a man, Rick loved seeing that his lover was taking pleasure from his actions. She was getting more pleasure, and showing it, in one session than his ex-wife had ever had during the years of their marriage. Moaning a little bit, Rick knew he was going to sleep like a log for the first time in months because of the hardcore sex he was having here.

He relented to the blistering kiss, kissing her back as much as he could. He loved every second of it. She was teasing him even now though and he growled a little bit at that. She was still teasing him and he wanted her to stop that!

It wasn't like they didn't both know he'd be back for more of her.

"I'm going to..." he growled huskily as the pleasure rose, "I'm going to fill you up... oh god... oh goddess Maria...!"

He was feeling his pleasure skyrocketing higher and higher and he loved every second of it. Moaning loudly, he thrust into her desperately as she thrust back at him hard too. It was absolutely amazing! Growling a little bit, he moaned loudly as the pleasure was peaking. Thrusting into her fully once more, he moaned loudly as his back arched.

She was convulsing over him, cumming hard, and he was doing the same, shooting strand after strand of hot cum into her. Kissing her hungrily as he tried to prolong the feeling, he moaned gently as the pleasure slowly began to lower. He kissed her up and down her neck gently,

"Maria..." he purred gently, his eyes twinkling, "Don't take this badly but I think I may be falling for you here..."
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Maria Arceneau


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PostSubject: Re: A Different Kind of Undead (Maria and Rick)   Thu Feb 12, 2015 10:36 am

Maria groaned happily when she felt Rick finishing inside of her, it felt so good to know that she had brought him so much pleasure that he had cum rather spectacularly inside of her. She could tell from the sounds of pleasure he had made and the frantic nature of his thrusts that he had enjoyed himself immensely, perhaps even more than she had enjoyed herself. Which would be a hard thing. The only factor that could have made this situation better was...if she had been able to feed from Rick during the after glow.

Maybe there would be time for that in the future if she ever thought that it would be a good idea to reveal her true nature to him. For now though, she was content to pant softly in Rick's arms, resting her head on his shoulder as they both came down from their highs of pleasure. There didn't need to be anything else but that for the time being.

Softly Maria kissed her way along Rick's chest to his collar bone, and then up to his jaw line, until she reached his lips. Planting a gentle kiss on his lips before moving away, Maria couldn't help the small chuckle that fled her lips when she heard what Rick said. That he might be falling for her because of the great sex that they had just had. Maria was certainly going to push for some sort of exclusivity between them in that department, nobody else would be getting their grubby little hands on him.

He looked so handsome with his ruffled hair and his eyes glistening down at her, it made her smile gently.

"The feeling is mutual Rick." Maria admitted in a soft whisper, trailing her hands up Rick's chest to hug around his neck "Would you make this a long term thing between the two of us? We could agree to sate each others needs when the other needs release, if you would be interested in such an agreement?" she asked, a cheeky grin on her lips.
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Rick Grimes


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PostSubject: Re: A Different Kind of Undead (Maria and Rick)   Thu Feb 12, 2015 10:45 am

Rick had to admit that was the first time he had cum that hard in years. Since he was a teenager to be perfectly honest. He had married Lori after high school after all. Not the best decision he had ever made he had to admit. But now he knew exactly what good, amazing, sex was supposed to be like - it was like that!

Maria had educated him more in one hour than his wife had managed to do throughout their desperate, terrible, marriage.

For the first time in a long time though... Rick was actually finding it hard to think about who he had married before this. Maria's company, and amazing session, had him weak at the knees and had his head swimming with nothing but thoughts of her. Humming a little bit as he kissed her gently, almost lovingly, in return, he grinned a little bit,

"Well I'm glad to hear that..." he admitted right back with a grin before hugging her close to his chest, loving the feeling of being so close to her. He licked his lips a little bit, "I would love that... I honestly don't think I could stand to see you in the arms of anyone else. In this agreement I would be yours and you would be mine..."

Humming a little bit, he kissed her neck lightly,

"I don't want you waking up in anyone else's arms but mine... think that's a possibility?"
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PostSubject: Re: A Different Kind of Undead (Maria and Rick)   

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A Different Kind of Undead (Maria and Rick)
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