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 Comfort Blanket (Invite)

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Lolita Avon

Lolita Avon

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PostSubject: Comfort Blanket (Invite)   Mon Apr 08, 2013 1:40 am

Lolita sighed lightly, they had explored the rest of the flats and found there were only a few thats had occupants, and, sadly, these occupants were no longer alive. That was when Norman had finally gotten his butt off that Skype call and apparently they were going to try and meet up with everyone else from the Walking Dead pretty soonish, although it would take Lincoln and the guy who played Glenn a little longer to get here because they were in a convention up in New York.

For the time being though, she wandered to her flat, which was on the floor above Norman's, she liked the one higher up because it meant that if there was any trouble it would have to go past the boys first, and she would be able to help them if they needed it, just like they would help her if she needed it as well. To be honest it was nice to be able to finally have some space, after living in each others pockets for two days, she was beginning to get tired of the guys constant bad habits...and she was sure they were getting tired of her too.

Now she flopped on 'her' bed and sighed again, flipping through one of the books she had found in the flat, recently she had gotten some new clothes from the other flats she only had that one outfit and it wasn't really practical. So she took as many pairs of sturdy jeans, tops and hoodies as she could, and moved them to her new flat, as well as a duffle bag to put them in when they moved.

Lolita was not looking forwards to the move, not in the slightest. Yet she realised it needed to be done and accepted it, they couldn't stay here much longer, there were several lootings along the street not long ago and there were more and more zombies appearing here every day. Apparently they were going to a less populated area, in the country, like in season two. It seemed to work well enough for a while anyway.

Humming slightly as she started reading properly, she sighed softly.

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Comfort Blanket (Invite)
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